Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hate in your blood

Haters go Global!

Spoek Mathambo
, the man everyone likes but who you secretly hate because he's so kool he'd probably finger your sister while you watch...and you'd thank him for it.

Leave The Ndebele Monarch alone and let him make his vagina raps as he pleases. Heres an excert from Vice, The do's and dont section.

Some of the comments...that made me laugh.I'm not hating, Mokgata please dont get mad..but this shit is funny.

Anonymous, on Nov 4, 2008 wrote:
"Is that a lady with a man face or a man with a lady body?"

Anonymous, on Nov 3, 2008 wrote:
"Homo erectus found time to pose in his Boubou
and discounted URBAN sneaks after just crossing over to the states"

No wonder why Buju Banton said the east is the best. The western world is too cold.

Playdoe album launch in JHB is on 14 November, look out for it.