Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here are some big boy tunes which i cant get enough off for the past couple of months or so. The summer over here is going to be ridiculous. These arent new tunes but theyre still good enough to play when making out with your old lady or mother if the latter is your thing. The daisy dukes are already out and the bubble dresses are popping and its all very nice isnt it? Indeed it is.

Nutty Nys- Nka Mo Dira..This is going to be massive, it just came out. The pedi poetry is too beautiful for my ears, the choir, the video. super.super.

Phumeza -Indoda Yakho...Im loving the coloured vocalist, the dances, the durban house stylee, the beach, its too much blood, its too much!

ENUR- Calabria 2007..Rest in Peace Enur, so pretty..had to die so young, this one is a classic. "whoop whoop!"

Tiga- Shoes...Hands down one of the best music videos ive ever seen, the song is also fucking monster.

Pitbull- Ay Chico...Pitbull is my role model. He is also my style icon and all round musical genious.


nemesis said...

n ka mo dira is my fav tune at the mo, which i could find a decent CPT joint where im sure they'll play me that shit like the probs do in Gauteng

BIG SPACE said...

havent heard in the club, yet again i do go to some white ass clubs..