Monday, May 17, 2010


13 MAY: Thursday

My girlfriend tells me that theres an SABC job to be done, im the assiatant stylist, R1000 a day for 8 days, thats R 8000, i agree. We wait for production budget of R21000 to be deposited. It never arrives. We have no electricity, we drink wine and play 30 seconds in the dark till we fall asleep.

14 MAY :Friday

The budget has not arrived yet, we spend the day scrounging for coins to call the jewish man in charge of production, i have one cigarette the whole day but plenty of weed. We try to watch a horrible movie starring Val kilmer and 50 cent on my laptop but give up half way through. Still no electricity, Slept at 7 pm as soon as it got dark. Woke up at 1:30 after having a dream where i had an albino baby who was also mutated in some way, he was kind of cute, then a a giant circular space ship emereged out of my parents swimming pool. Woke up in a pool of sweat. Decided to go stay over at my parents for the night, watched South Park and The Wire reruns and fell asleep.

15 MAY :Saturday

Woke up at 8am, rushed to pick up my girlfriend to meet the jew man about the pre production budget, check the bank account and its in. We use some of it to pay for the rent and electricity bill. We rush to the city center to buy outfits for the advert, on our way we see a man showering in his bathroom with his ass in our view. Not cool at all. At 6 pm once we finish our job we realise that the electricity company doesnt work on the weekend, still no electricity. We go to Greenside to some new faggy place called the office. We have 15 mins till happy hour ends so we buy a capirianha, vodka martini and a long island ice tea at half price. We leave and have one more beer at mamathemba down the road..this eventually turns into 10 beers and 5 whiskeys once Kim arrrives we discuss making a movie. I got into a fight with some guy named Russel because i thought his name was Alex. I passed out and my girlfriend had to drive us home, she was stopped a road block and cried her way out of it. I peed in the bed and told my girlfriend it was sweat.

16 MAY :Sunday

Woke up at 8:30 and went outfit shopping again at 9am, everything was closed. we start to stress but end up finding alot of shit at a flea market. Lunch was a salmon salad with cream chesse and then a sushi platter we couldnt finish, the bill cost us R421, i had two beers. preproduction meeting at 6pm till 8pm at a fancy downtown apartment, i yawn the whole way through. We get back home and have a nandos grille dchicken salad, i got out to the balcony for a cigarette with warm glass of shitty graca white wine, i see the next door neighbour having a shower, i see her tits and a bit of her vag, she's a single mother.


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