Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I woke up hazy, i had i dream that god brought me into his house and fed me wll,scampi starters, salmon steaks and for the main i had lobster and a fith of cognac....
after din din, god grabbed me by the balls, really hard. i cried. then he proceeded to stick his finger down my throat and forced me to vomit, after i vomitted i died. then i woke up.

So my friends, the time has finally come, i have played my last song,
ive shut the piano i used to sing and fuck on, and now all i have is a brocken banjo, my strecth marks, halitosis and cock..
i loved and i loved till i couldnt receive anymore love, i have lived my life..yes, im only turning 26 next month but i feel like 50..ive been through nasty loves in my life..and i i was about to get married.

and now here i stand, a defeated man..or not? i dont know, my intention is now to upload as music onto this blog before i take the eternal dirt nap. Hard to Love is a series of songs im coming out with...its pretty self explanatory..im hard to love, whether its art or personal shit.



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