Thursday, October 16, 2008


Hello dirt eaters and animals alike.

I've been so busy with writing my thesis that i havent had time to let you pet the goats in the child farm of my carnival mind. I'm grinding like Akon on a 6 year old girl grinding harder than a squirell on a Acorn.

I'm on the verge of suicide these days or picking up a drug like crystal meth.The only one thing that keeps me going right now is Meatwad. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, best fucking cartoon ever made since Archie and Jughead. I cant get enough of meatwad..the other day i tried squish up some mince into a ball and stick a smile and eyes on it with cardboard paper..but it just wasnt the same.

DONT YOU JUST WANT TO give MEATWAD A HUG? look at him..."I wanted a bunny rabbit, I was gonna name it Nathan... that's Latin for 'warm' by the way... Nathan Scott Phillips."-Meatwad

Check out this character description they give him wikipedia..more reason for you to watch.
A mostly peaceful, childishly simple-minded mass of compressed meat that was not approved for human consumption, Meatwad rolls and hops to get from one place to another, often picking up whatever dirt or debris happens to be in his way. He has also displayed shapeshifting abilities, and can morph into a hot dog, an igloo, a meat bridge, a "Samurai Lincoln" (intended to be Wayne Gretzky, or Richard Nixon as referred to in season 5), a walking spider-like form, a potted flower, a hand displaying the middle finger, a hammer, a three story office building and various other objects. Meatwad uses meaty appendages in order to manipulate objects.

He can regenerate quickly even from high levels of damage and conditions such as extreme heat, cold, voltage and pressure. He is often the victim of Shake's abuse and practical jokes, though he has periodically reciprocated this treatment, on one occasion convincing him to get plastic surgery from an auto mechanic. He sometimes is lost in his own fantasy world or sees himself as something better or different than what he truly is, such as how he claims that he has hair in one episode or that the Mooninites are his close friends.

He usually has a positive outlook on things, but when something frightens or offends him, he tends to openly start crying like a small child. Meatwad usually sleeps on a grill or brushed nickel colander, but occasionally sleeps on a bed of sand (which also serves as a food source for him). He is also known to make "dolls" out of household items, such as Dewey the paper towel roll, Vanessa the apple, Jeffy the garden hose, and Boxy Brown, a cardboard box

Carl...ASnother bugged out character.My favourite episode is where he gets a shrink ray gun and uses it in reverse to enlarge his penis, this also enlarges his crabs which wound up eating up his whole house and terrifyng the whole neighborhood.


More Meatwad quotes

"Oh, so you just decide that I'm drunk? You can't decide. I make that decision."

" I wanted a bunny rabbit, I was gonna name it Nathan... that's Latin for 'warm' by the way... Nathan Scott Phillips."

"I added food coloring because it's a holiday. But it turned black, because I added all the food coloring I had. Then I ate this butter straight out of the tub, because it tastes good. There's a reason behind everything."

"I find this, highly effiligent, in, edumacationists, for my brain. Because, I am smart boy."



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