Friday, October 17, 2008

The Viscera Continues....

Was on Gmail chat a few minutes ago talking to a pure bred hater. Hate flows in her veins like the codeine i steal from my grandmother. Apperently i'm falling off because i dont tell stories as much as i used to and expose myself to a world of shit.

Well here's a story that was deemed too crude and offensive to be published by a local newspaper. This also makes me cringe.

You Dirty Little Bugger!

By: The Ladies Man

When the river is flooded some men take the back roads, but then again some men live on the back roads, this back road is not on any road maps and it’s commonly thought to be taken mostly by porn stars and fans of Elton John. Welcome to the scary and shit ridden terrain of anal sex.

Comedian Sarah Silverman once joked: "I didn't lose my virginity until I was twenty-six. Nineteen vaginally, but twenty-six what my boyfriend calls 'the real way.”

Anal sex, which is also known as “going Greek” stemming from Roman age Greek poetry where anal sex became a common subject, which is represented as taking place with "eligible" youths: those who had attained the proper age but had not yet become adults.

Clearly the age of classics was also an age of shady artistic premises and ethics, but our contemporary time is no different and anal sex is moving away from being a taboo to a common sexual practice. Like the Miami rap outfit, 2-Live Crew once said “face down, ass up, that’s the way we like to fuck”.

It’s not all fun and games in the world of buggery though, if the proper precautions are not taken you could be in a world of crap.

According to Dr. Dale Davis who is a general practitioner in Sandton, “Anal sex exposes participants to two principal dangers: infections, due to the high number of infectious microorganisms not found elsewhere on the body, and physical damage to the anus and the rectum due to their vulnerability.”

It’s a high price for pleasure but as the Brooklyn based New York rapper Necro once said:

If I had Donald Trump's cash I'd have a plump ass
Everyday, sucking um and fucking um with no scumbags (condoms).

A very pretty 21 year old Interior Architect from Johannesburg who asked not to be named described anal sex in a visceral but culinary manner:

“Yeah, I tried it once with a guy I dated for over 3 year’s .Well it's like a hot knife cutting through bread. Not butter. You have to prepare your ass mentally. I suggest one be high on something to ease the pain. And it’s always good to start off very slowly and this will take the booty about 20 minutes (if not more) to be at ease with a penis inside. It’s a constipated feeling, like you got to go NOW! It's generally more pleasurable for the male.”

The greatest risk posed is the risk of contracting anal cancer and H.I.V .The incidence of anal cancer the disease has jumped 160% in men and 78% in women in the last thirty years, according to a 2004 cancer study by Fred Hutchinson.

According to Dr. Davis The risk of H.I.V is further increased because the high concentration of white blood cells around the rectum, together with the risk of cuts to the rectum and that one of the functions of the rectum is to absorb fluid, increases the risk of HIV transmission, “not using a condom under these circumstances is like suicide” added Dr. Davis.


ella said...

yo what did the good doctor say about going greek without a scumbag with piles and herpes being an issue ?


hey man, i'm just a journalist..i dont do none of that...shit, id even go as far as to say that i'm Muslim.

piles..uh uh..not me.