Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Blue Ball Bull Pay Back Part 2

Okay leandre, so here my rants will finally end...errmm...yes...i can only imagine how scary this must look to you, its like you almost(if not) have a stalker, i could only imagine how painfully boring it was listening to my " how are you doing? how was your weekend?" talk. I Didnt mean to stand you up or call you a "bitch". Can a brother get some closure up in this muhfucker? i feel like this child down here knowing that i fucked up a chance i never even had....I'm literally crying over spilt breasts milk that doesnt even come from my Mama's tits.

Youre too cool miss Enigma! wish you were here in the holiday of my mind! All my fans would love to meet you! bring your shades and a can of tuna in case you get hungry. And as the some gay Brits might say, Toodlo and tata!

SpaceVein is Not Feeling like the Ladies Man right now.


Trompie said...

mail me yo e-mail addy ...better yet...sms me...U got my digits!


nemesis said...

Spacevein, lets flip an "all u need is love" and find Leandre what do u say?? if she's in the country, it can't be that hard...at least so that she can she can read ur blogs on her dude :)

po said...

Hey, I like your writing style! :)

But that picture disturbed me so much I couldn't concentrate too well.