Monday, September 29, 2008

Zuma Gooding Snr

I'm really hoping that they release a movie on Jacob Zuma's life...he already has an album for Umshiniwam coming out. fingers in the pie baby...dont get it wrong, i'm not a fan but if i was the casting agent for the Zuma Epic film, i'd choose Cuba Gooding Jr to play Zuma. Just get him to put on a little bit of weight and its all good. Maybe get Tyler Perry or Mel gibson to direct it.


ella said...

aaahaahahaa .
wait wait nkosazana? whoopi?

SpaceVein said...

h,ha,ha..most definetely whoopi to play nkosazana!

Lil Mama can play baleka Mbete

Trevor manuel can be that really light skinned guy with the receading hairline thats in all the spike lee movies.