Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They dont make them like they used to...

Sexually suggestive(cunt rap) music is in abundance these days, with the likes of Sweat X, Spank Rock, Necro, Akineyle Spacevein and James Blunt...its quite hard to choose a favourite.(its almost like choosing your favourite porn mag,which is quite hard).

But no one quite does it like Prince, Sheila E and Cameo. Ive got Cameo's Candy on repeat right now. Prince and Sheila E's Erotic city is a cunt rag wetting classic...every time i hear i just want to break into an all girl boarding school and steal some panties to sniff when i get at home.

Mc's act like they dont know, get that doo-rag out your anus and go talk to some girls!!


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