Sunday, September 21, 2008

Your Funky Breath

Old Skool

My ears are definetly starting to redefine themselves. So last night i finally downloaded Marcus Nasty and DJ Mak 10's(the original N.A.S.T.Y CREW members and grime pioneers) 2 hour set on Rinse FM and its nothing short of huge.

The download took an hour and a half...never in my life would i have thought i would wait that long for something housey. But its not house, they call it "Funky"(I'm still trying to get past that name).

I've never really been a house fan, but the type of sound Marcus is throwng down is more grimier, ala Pretoria's Mujava.(www.myspace.com/mujava) Essentially it sounds like house but the bass lines and melodies are more inclined to a grime and garage sound whilst the drums are ghetto minimal at its finest. Like they said about our own Local hero Mujava(who just got ssigned to Warp) "minimaly raw yet strangely sophisticated". Its like house music from 1994 but futureristic.

" i dont know what to call this music but i just know its messy"- Mack 10 say's it best on the mix...it really is quite hard to define.

House fans, feel free to correct me or inform if anything i have just said is bullshit.

The Marcus Nasty and Mak 10 mix is for free download right here

things start to get really crazy after about 50.00mins...at 59:00mins its ultra mega, the pull up is insane.



ella said...

Audacity a snippet from the mix and give us a taste.


okay..i'm only doing it cause i like your blog and hoping that one day you'll give me some music...or maybe even play my music.

ella said...

tx. nice blog.
some dj gringo'd be nice.