Thursday, September 25, 2008

High School High

The worst and best years of my life...Public school life, uniforms..shorts in the summer....urrrghh..disgusting, but i still kept it gully though, i got detention cause my shorts and jersey were too baggy! Fuck you Mr.Bridger! and Fuck You principal Roy Gordon, we all know you beat your wife and feed chunks of dead black people to your alsatian dog, King. Bloemfontein...what a pit. kool in its own way though.

Thats me with the mini afro(no shit!)with the retarded bboy pose. The other dude is my homie Warren, right now he's in a coma after his crib caught got burnt down while he was still asleep inside. breathed in too much smoke..homies been in a coma since 2002/2003. Stay up holmes.

These pics were taken on a disposable camera by my friend Bryan...i think we were in the 8th or 9th grade...thats me on the left flipping the bird with a downs syndrome smile...the dude who has his pants off is Mark Dunn. Quite a character, his feet smelt like Rwanda and he used to jerk off in public places. His excuse was " ive got a big dick, why should i hide it?" sicko. I used to be the smut peddler in my hostel, he was my loyal customer, but he kept busting nuts on my magazines and thats when i had to close down the shop...plus the advent of DVD's was killing the porno mag trade.

Just laxing by the fields...this was probably during break time...the dark brother sitting on the chair is Johnny Danso, people used to call him tit head...and they also called him the zulu cowboy, even though he was half Xhosa and half Ghanaian. The other nigga who has his thumbs up next to Johnny is Eugene. The smartest nigga in the class( and yes, smarter than the whiteys too!)...he recently came out the closet and is rumored to be the head guy at an accounting firm some where. We just used to think he was just really organised and a neat freak...but nah, he's just a fag.Nigga wears lip gloss. His older brother is also gay...whoa! pop dukes must be buggin!

This was in the 11th grade at a dance or social at the sister school, St Michaels...i was so much better looking those days, thats me in the back row on your far left...i still didnt get any action that night probably....but i might have locked tongues with Natalie...i cant remeber...damn...Natalie.

Grade 12 leavers dinner...drank alot of cheap wine that night..RIP to my niggy Ryan Holmes, thats the second white guy on the right. Love you Fool!

I used to be a graffiti writer...tags were Sprinkllz,Kwame,Space,Rape,ink crew and some others ive forgotten...i sucked though. But i think i was one of the first bombers in Bloemfontein, this was round 1999-2000 when i started.

My niggy for life and roomate in the 12th grade, Clinton Foster. He's in Australia now..i got a lot of war stories with him, he introduced me to weed, ecstacy, Autumn Harvest and having no mercy on human beings. Clinton is one thugged out white boy...I'd love to say more but i dont want to get us arrested. The day this pic was taken was the day of booger sugar. Jesus. We used to go gold chain shopping!

2008..This is at Ryan's funeral.RIP. One of the guys in this picture is a rapist, can you guess who? i'm not saying any names.



po said...

Cool blast from the past.


thanks...just got an email from the rapist..he's threatening me erase the post cause ppl from our class know who i'm talking about.

ella said...

haha, downs syndrome smile.
yeahyeah, you're right i shouldn't call it a mix...
they flow though, right?
not half bad for for a first try.


definetely not bad for a first try, they did flow though. cant wait to hear the new shit. PRESSURE.

nemesis said...

uniforms...the worst thing about school I tell u..I hated it!!